Customized LEGO portraits for your kids with Two Three Bricks

Are your little ones real LEGO addicts? Building castles and all kinds of objects days in days out? Surprise them for Christmas with a picture of themselves as a LEGO mini figure. How cool is that?

We scouted a tool where you can send the photo of your mini me and they will create a Lego mini for him or her with good accuracy based on hair style, colour, clothing, stuff they like etc. The company is called Two Three Bricks and they turn the photo of your mini me into something absolutely awesome using Lego mini figs, props and backgrounds at their studio. You can also choose to make a print of your little one as his or hers favorite super heroe. Once the picture is finished it will be send to you electronically so you can print and frame it for a cool gift under the tree.

www.twothreebricks.com & price $ 5

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