Hackett launches ‘Made in Japan’ Collection

Japan is booming when it comes to fashion and it’s impossible not to acknowledge the fact that Japanese men have an incredible sense of style. Fashion in Japan is seen as the simple way of self-expression. It’s no suprise that Japan is at the forefront when it comes to textile technology. Hackett, who recently opened its Dutch Concept Store at P.C. Hooftstraat, decided to collaborate with Japanese Artists for the Spring/Summer 2015 collection. The ‘Made in Japan’ collaboration serves the consumer a range of items made with an incredible eye for detail. Every piece is made with traditional Japanese production methods.

The collection offers jeans, chinos, shirts and sweaters. The beauty of this collection is the use of so called ‘Selvedge Denim’, which is an old-fashioned denim weaving technique.

A little bit of background on Selvedge Denim…
In the early 1900s most fabrics (denim included) were made on shuttle looms that enables the production of tightly woven strips of heavy fabric. Because the edges come out of the loom finished, the fabrics produced on shuttle looms have a ‘self-edge’, that’s where the name ‘Selvedge’ is coming from. Since the 1950s most denim is produced on projectile looms, which leaves the denim susceptible to fraying and therefor is much cheaper. Hackett brings the heritage and outstanding quality of old-fashioned weaving back to Europe with the launch of this new artisan collection. Japanese mills are the unquestionable leaders in selvedge denim production. The use of the original selvedge technology enables the designer to create variations on the denim surface, which makes the denim unique and outstanding.

Sweater – €174

The Hackett sweater comes in two different colors (grey and ecru), made with a slightly looser knitting method which gives the sweaters an extra soft touch. 

Denim Jeans – €225

The jeans is available in a washed and unwashed variant and each pair has yellow and tobacco-colored cotton stitching and hidden rivets on the back pockets.

Chino Trousers – €195

The chino trousers are made in the traditional Japanese way, hand cutted and stitched: the best quality you can get. The chino trousers are available in navy blue and beige.

Shirts – €175

There are five different shirts available in the 'Made in Japan' collection, four of which are made of selvedge and one of an indigo dobby material. Each shirt includes mother or pearl buttons and a red stitched Hackett logo.

The ‘Made in Japan’ collection is available from July 2015 in store and online via

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