The coolest Nerf guns for Outdoor fun

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The coolest Nerf guns for Outdoor fun

Nerf guns have been really popular for some time now, for fun times for your kids as well as for you. Pretend to be part of your favorite action movie or just have a free for all Nerf gun fight. With the holiday season coming up the Nerf toy-gun collection offers a nice option if your kids are into some action. They offer bows and guns for all age categories starting from 3 years old including Star Wars themed guns. Below you can find our favorite items in their current collection:



NERF N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 – Blaster €57, –


This blaster is completely detachable and has a cool rifle look, with a real gun like banana-clip. The gun can hold up to 10 darts has a range of 20 meter. You can customize it to your likes with additional handles and visors.




NERF N-Strike Elite Hyperfire – Blaster €52,99


The fastest motorised Nerf gun is the Elite Hyperfire, holding up to 25 darts shooting with a speed of 5 darts per second.



NERF Mega Mastodon – Blaster €92,99


Ok, first of all you need to make sure that when you are playing with your kids, you don’t lose. So here is your go-to Nerf gun. The Megadon is your safest bet for winning Nerf games. Shooting at a range of 23 meters and holding up to 24 darts, the Megadon magazine rotates when you shoot giving you that Scarface feeling.



NERF N-Strike Elite Vision Gear €11,99


Safety first, so when you decide to play make sure everyone wears these fighter glasses for eye protection. They come with 5 additional darts.


Nerf Ammunition €29,99


Oh and also you should definitely get this ammo equipment so you can keep up the game. It comes with a belt and 24 darts.


Nerf offers way more toy guns ranging from handguns to rifles and even bows. Check out for their total offering.

All the toy-guns and items above are available at

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