Louis Vuitton Driving Shoe celebrates its 10-year anniversary

A decade ago Louis Vuitton released its iconic loafer for the first time. Now it has become a timeless item in the fashion world, pure luxury in its finest form. Hand-stitched and only the best Taïga leather is used, known for its soft feel and durability. If you want to take it to an even higher level, you can go for the more sophisticated and luxury version, that is made from exotic Caïman leather. Get comfortable and stay fly in these fancy loafers.

Louis Vuitton released the shoe in multiple seasonal colour ways: Marine, Cacao, Blanc, Ardoise, Indigo, Rubis, Red, Framboise, Beige, Moutarde and Outremer.

The loafer is now available in Louis Vuitton stores worldwide.

Louis-Vuitton-Driving-Shoe-The-Dad Louis-Vuitton-Driving-Shoe-the-Dad-2

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