This Gucci jacket is not your ordinary denim jacket

Gucci entered a whole new level after assigning Alessandro Michele as creative director of the brand. This jacket is the embodiment of that, one of the best items we have seen so far this season.

The embroideries are all hand-applied in Italy and help create a very romantic look. These animal and flower designs are seen on multiple pieces in their 2016 collection and seem to be playing a big part in Gucci’s latest creative process.

To create a perfect picture, the embroideries are framed by the phrase “l’aveugle par amour” which translates to “blind for love.” Rockin’ this denim will not only make you look good, but you will definitely score some points with the misses.

There is one minor disappointment though, since this purchase will set you back a good € 3.980.

You can purchase the jacket here.

Gucci-denim-jacket-The-Dad Gucci-denim-jacket-The-Dad-2 Gucci-denim-jacket-The-Dad-3

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