SPOFEC turns Rolls Royce Wraith

SPOFEC is part of the German based company NOVITEC Group that specializes in customizing super cars and satisfy the most demanding customer needs.  SPOFEC is solely focusing on specializing Rolls-Royce vehicles and they just released this badass version of the classic Rolls-Royce Wraith, called “Overdose”.

If the devil would have a car, this would be it. Maintaining the elegant Wraith look combined with a mean body kit and 22-inch wheels makes this a real villain ride. Besides, with its 717 HP and 986 Nm the looks won’t out do the performance. Faster than most, this car gets you to 100 km/h in about 4 seconds.

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SPOFEC-turns-Rolls-Royce-WraithThe-Dad SPOFEC-turns-Rolls-Royce-WraithThe-Dad-2 SPOFEC-turns-Rolls-Royce-WraithThe-Dad-3 SPOFEC-turns-Rolls-Royce-WraithThe-Dad-4 SPOFEC-turns-Rolls-Royce-WraithThe-Dad-5


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