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One of our favorite artists Selwyn Senatori designed a babywrap for luxury babywearing label Artipoppe. Selwyn is a beloved artist and famous for his colorful Neo-Pop work. He just became the proud father of baby Coco and luxury babywearing label Artipoppe asked Selwyn to design a limited edition. Artipoppe gave Selwyn ´babywrap blanche´ and so he took inspiration from his muse Irene Senatori and mother of his child Coco for the fabulous result. We got the chance to ask him some questions about the design, his inspiration and about babywearing in general.

Selwyn, you are an Amsterdam icon today. Why do you do what you do? 

It is actually very simple, it is just what I do. It didn’t originate from a plan, but because I was born with the will to draw. It may sound cliché, but that is what it is.

How do you work? What brings your creativity?

I observe every day life, and I filter and distillate it into a work of art.


Photo credits: Anna van den Bogert

As the Neo-Pop artist of the moment, what do you think is your role in society?

I think my role is to display a zeitgeist. I draw paintings that bring a bit of joy, but are also socially critical. This way I somehow fulfill the role of a social interpreter.

What made you choose Artipoppe to bring your art to the world of fashion?

Artipoppe reached out to me for a collaboration. And I think Artipoppe is a great high end luxury brand, which connects to my own brand. But at the same time it is also really down to earth because it is about kids and babies. That contrast of everyday life and the high end appealed to me.

What do you think of baby wearing in the first place?

Fantastic! Your baby becomes some sort of a fashion accessory. 😉


Photo credits: Anna van den Bogert

Why do you think baby wearing is part of mother and fatherhood in today´s world?

Because nowadays there is more of a need for direct and personal contact. In a time that we are more on our phones than that we look each other in the eye, it makes this personal contact with your baby even more special.

Tell us more about the design. What was your idea behind the illustrations and choice of colors?

I see shawls from Hermes, Gucci and Louis Vuitton everywhere. And I wanted to find something that connected with those high end luxury brands. It is high end fashion translated to my own print and design.


Photo credits: Anna van den Bogert

What was Irene´s role in the design process? She is your muse so you must have had her in mind while designing the wrap?

Yes, I definitely had. I took a picture of her, that is woven into the design. She is the center of the design, and she is surrounded with icons that together form the cosmos.

Which celeb (mom and dad) would you like to see with your wrap?

Dutch singer Anouk. It is because I often hear her singing in the morning in the studio next to me. It just makes me really happy. It is a little secret that I have, which I enjoy so much during my cup of coffee. And of course superstar Beyoncé, she already has a few Artipoppe wraps so this one will definitely complete her collection.

Want one? Head over to the Artipoppe online store and shop Senatori X Artipoppe ¨The Future Sucks (on my Tits)¨

Price: €750

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